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Steven J. Heithoff, DO, FAOAO

Welcome to the Journal of the American Osteopathic Academy of Orthopedics!

The Academy is very proud to publish the resurgence of the Journal of the American Osteopathic Academy of Orthopedics (JAOAO) online. The JAOAO was originally edited in print form by Dr. Daniel Morrison in the 1980’s. This accomplishment represents the combined efforts of a talented volunteer editorial board, the support of AOAO leadership, and the creative work of our administrative team. It is our hope the Journal thrives as an outlet for scholarly activity for our Academy members, both present and future.

This issue is identified as Volume VI, continuing the invaluable contribution of Dr. Morrison.

Steven J. Heithoff, DO, FAOAO

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Publication Schedule
The JAOAO is published three times per year. To be included in the February 2022 issue, the deadline to submit is January 14, 2022.

Full access to the JAOAO is free to AOAO members.

Peer Review
All article submissions are subject to a double-blind peer review process by board-certified orthopedic surgeons who have interest, skill, knowledge, experience and expertise in the respective field of study.

Submissions will be cleansed of author identification for objectivity purposes when sent to the editorial staff.  The editorial staff will make recommendations for acceptance and revisions to the Editor-in-Chief, who then makes final decisions.

Timing of Acceptance

Publication depends on the amount of revision necessary.  Multiple revisions, or delay in completing revisions by the author, will lengthen the process.  The JAOAO strives for efficiency and charges its Editors with a timely review process. Authors will be notified when their submission has been accepted for publication.

Cost to Submit

  • AOAO Member: $100
  • RAOAO Member: $75
  • SAOAO Member: $50
  • Non-member: $750

Submission Guidelines
Only submissions received online through this portal that have NOT been published, or are being considered for publication, by any other print or online publication. For a quick look at submission guidelines, click here.

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The views expressed in the JAOAO are those of individual authors and are not necessarily those of the JAOAO or AOAO.  The information contained within the journal is not medical advice intended to replace the skill, knowledge or judgement of practicing physicians. Neither the JAOAO or AOAO can accept any responsibility for any harm or damage that may be a result of the material presented within the JAOAO.


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JAOAO Editorial Board

Adult Reconstruction
Deputy – Jonathon M. Brown, DO
Associate – Timothy Beals, DO
Associate – Shane R. Hess, DO
Associate – Frederick B. Morgan, DO
Associate – Ahmed Siddiqi, DO
Associate – Zachary C. Lum, DO
Associate – Rikesh K. Patel, DO

Foot and Ankle
Deputy – Katherine Sage, DO
Associate – Angela K. Walker, DO
Associate – Safet O. Hatic, II, DO

Deputy – Michael S. Levy, DO
Associate – Mark J. Reiner, DO, FAOAO
Associate – Christopher G. Belton, DO
Associate – William M. Gunnett, II, DO


Deputy – H. Brent Bamberger, DO, FAOAO
Associate – Adam J. Dann, DO, FAOAO
Associate – James J. Kelly, DO, FAOAO
Associate – David H. MacDonald, DO, FAOAO

Deputy – Nicholas Tedesco, DO
Associate – Jonathan Vaux, DO
Associate – Brian Walczak, DO

Deputy – Julieanne P. Sees, DO, FAOAO
Associate – Adrienne M. Koder, DO

Deputy – Michael G. Saper, DO
Associate, Shoulder – Troy D. Erickson, DO
Associate, Sports – Delbert T. Remaley, DO
Associate, Sports – Sean McMillan, DO, FAOAO
Associate, Sports – Jonathan M. Fallon, DO, FAOAO
Associate, Sports/Shoulder – Joshua Tuck, DO, FAOAO


Deputy – Miles L. Singer, DO, FAOAO
Associate – Zeshan Hyder, DO
Associate – Kenneth J. Lingenfelter, DO

Deputy – Mark E. Fleming, DO, FAOAO
Associate – Megan M. Sorich, DO
Associate – Nicholas Romeo, DO
Associate – Thomas J. Revak, DO
Associate – James B. Kesl, DO
Associate – Frederick E. Tonnos, DO


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